Sometimes good things happen (more or less) out of the blue – as commenced today when we picked up the mail. All as per usual: bills, the paper, ads… but behold – a letter from the National Tax Authority?! Yes! Great! Finally!

For the benefit of the reader who isn’t familiar with the tax code of Hungary and thus might ponder what good could possibly come from such a letter – however few those readers might be – we’ll add, that in Hungary non-profit organisations who are officially recognised to serve the public common interest qualify for receiving 1% of individual citizens’ income tax per year (Central European University’s info page on the matter).

To cut a long story short, after roughly three years of grass roots service to our non-human friends, we’re proud to announce that Care for All Animals Foundation is officially qualified to be named as receiving party on every Hungarian citizen’s tax return – starting in 2022.

Keep all eyes open for details on this and prepare for a reasonably ruthless and refreshingly repetitive DIY ‘marketing campaign’ to come through early next year. Remember, every little helps!

Below: highly relevant snaps of the very mailbox we retrieved this great news in & our very own Szofi, acting assistant bookkeeper h.c., reviewing the letter of notice.

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