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We believe that current relationship between man and his fellow creatures is imbalanced and unjust, with man choosing to overlook the responsibilities that we would expect him to fulfil given his position on the evolutionary scale. We consider it our mission to provide care to every animal in distress, regardless of its species, sex or age – as they all feel sorrow and fear, as well as joy and love. We are delighted to see that an ever-growing number of individuals and organisations are working to change the status quo of human-animal relations, this is the only way of creating a better place for animals and humans to live – together. Care For Every Animal Foundation (Minden Állatért Alapítvány – MINDA) is wholeheartedly committed to its name and mission, and is thus focused on providing care to animals in need.

About our logo

The idea of our logo came from the tale The town musicians of Bremen, featuring four animals. Our mission is to provide happy ending to animals – regardless of their species.

Those who seek a home

All they really need is a home and a family.

Our team

We are the team behind MINDA.


I adore animals since I was born. My favorite (Hungarian) kid's cartoon reflects that love, it's called Szaffi. The main character's adoptive mom was a lovely, old lady, always with a smile on her face, who rescued animals from the flood, regardless of their looks, age, and species. She had an outlandish cottage at the lake, living with plenty of animals of all kinds. As a kid I used to pretend to be her.
  After 8 years of animal rights activism it was obvious, that my love for them is not just a phase, so we decided to do it professionally. The experiences I gained in the professional world (HR and general management) were very useful in my rescue work, and MINDA came to life. I take part both in the management and rescue work, and I aim to help each living being that I come across. I'm happy that the fairy tale become true, and I turned into my favorite character, as MINDA's advisory board director.


I've been a dedicated volunteer in social projects for the past 9 years, so it was only natural to join MINDA when my friend Nikol started it. Being of service for those who can´t help themselves is essential for me, no matter if it´s people or animals, as every sentient being has a right to dignity.
  In my day-time-job I´m working for a company which offers eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic, so "saving the world and everything on it" is kind of my deal 😉


I'm Ács Enikő, the personal servant of two rescue cats. I've been doing feline rescue for five years now, and I think the best part is the TNR program (Trap, Neuter, Return). Although it's the least favored one amongst all rescue activities in Hungary, but this one is the most effective way to control the feral cat population.
  Of course I can't look past the sweet, domesticated feline friends either, so I host one of MINDA's cat foster rooms, that's comfortable for 2-3 furry protegees. I strongly believe that responsible, quality rescue programs are the only viable way of helping animals without a home. This is why I joined the MINDA team. It makes me happy to know that we all share the same values.


Animals and their somewhat unfortunate position in history and the modern world has interested me for a long time. In MINDA I have found a way to actively contribute to improving their situation, mostly by providing logistical assistance (driving friends or gear from A to B).
  Apart from that I use my day-job-related travelling all over Germany and the UK to make contact with other organisations which share our MINDA's goals.

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