What we do

Right now

The work of Care For Every Animal Foundation is currently driven by two main resources: first and foremost, the unselfish commitment of time given by its volunteers; secondly, the two facilities (namely the MINDA Cat House & MINDA Quarantine Unit) that operate near Budapest.

The Foundation currently engages in
these main areas of activity:

Feline TNR+

We receive calls for help on an almost daily basis, in cases where residents either cannot afford to have their feline friends neutered/sterilised, or are unable to cope with the cost of having them treated by a veterinarian, for example after they have been hit by a car. 

Furthermore, we receive calls quite frequently from caring citizens who report stray cats, those living in poor conditions on the street or in a or in a setting in commercial areas where they are tolerated, but which is ultimately unsustainable. 

In either case, the Foundation offers care in terms of medical treatment or by conducting a Trap-Neuter-Return+ operation on the cat. 

This consists of:

  • Trapping the cat
  • Having it thoroughly examined by a vet
  • Having it neutered/sterilised
  • Keeping it safe during recovery
  • Trying to find a caring home on social media
  • Releasing it back to the site of capture, in the event that no home is found and there is no space for the cat at the Foundation’s facilities

Dog 'Animal Control'

Our canine friends are also in need of care if they happen to run away from their homes due to a lack of sufficient security measures (damaged fences and the like) or are just abandoned by their “owners”. 

Both such cases are reported to us at times, and we offer care by:

  • Capturing the dog
  • Read its ID chip
  • Reaching out to the registered person on the chip, and offering to return the animal (provided the conditions are safe)
  • Working to find a safe home for the dog if the previous “owner” cannot be trusted to care for the animal

General Care for Animals

We receive calls for help for all kinds of animals, ranging from (wild) piglets, hedgehogs, crows and parrots – to name just the most recent cases. 

In all cases, we try to find safe places for the animals to live out their remaining lives, making sure they are safe from harm – especially if they were lucky enough to escape the horrors of factory farming. 

As offering permanent care in such cases would exceed the Foundation’s current capacities, we closely work with other Animal Welfare organisations to find permanent solutions to keep them safe when they are entrusted to us.

One fine day...

In order to provide care for all kinds of animals, we are seeking to establish a Farm Sanctuary to be able to accommodate more animals than our current facilities allow us to. Realistically, this target is considered mid-term, to be approached after our status of Common Public Interest is recognised in 2023 and if everything proceeds as planned.

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