Care for pets belonging to people without homes

This field of activity is temporarily intermittent due to COVID-19 pandemic. Our other operations are uninterrupted.

MINDA’s mission is to provide help to all species of animals. Our new project consists of helping animals who’s human conpanions are without shelter. And helping people who have been so deeply let down by society, and who have been hurt so badly that they can’t bond with other people anymore. For these people, an animal companion – a dog, in most cases – can help retain their dignity in this world.

How does this programme work?

Thanks to social workers’ cooperation with us we know about the kinds of problems houseless people face with their pets. 

Often their pawed or feathered companion is the only thing keeping them in this world.

Regarding every aspect, MINDA (Minden Állatért Alapítvány – Care for Every Animal Foundation) developed an assistance programme in which we provide essential and ambulatory veterinary care for animals belonging to people without homes. These veterinary services are free for the pet owners, MINDA takes over the expenses. It’s also important to mention that we can only provide essential care – microchipping, vaccination and deworming. 

The needs of protégés are surveyed by social workers in our program. When someone would like to take part in the program, the social worker will provide an appointment date that is fixed with the vet. The only thing the pet owner needs to do is to comply with the appointment, MINDA takes care of the financials.

Provided services


Why is this a big step for animals and humans?

On one hand, in regards of public health. But primarily in regards of the animals, because this basic veterinary care can truly improve their quality of life. 

Contrary to popular belief, people without homes are often devoted pet owners who’d rather choose to go hungry than let their pet starve.

On the other hand the social workers can have a deeper connection with their protégés through their animals. With a person who often doesn’t want to connect with anyone anymore – be it a support worker or someone else. 

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